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4 Ways to Engage Patients on Facebook

facebook-engagement-tipsSo you’ve heard that engaging your patients on Facebook can bring you more business. But what are the best ways to do this? Here are four ways to generate the kind of engagement that will grow your business.

Ask Questions

facebook-questions-engagementAsking your patients a question is the easiest way to engage them. The best format is to offer some information followed by a question.  The best questions offer a simple choice, such as stating a preference between two options.  These types of questions can be easily answered by patients without putting too much thought into the answer.  Structuring the answer options helps you maintain control of the conversation while still allowing the patients to feel involved.

Fill in the Blanks

facebook-blanks-engagementA great way to spark Fan engagement is through fill-in-the-blank posts, the blanks basically being “platforms” for Fans to show off their creative sides. Posts like these are fun, and often engage the audience to share short, positive comments that encourage everyone to interact with your business.

Give Tips

facebook-questions-engagementTips are engaging posts that Fans can easily implement. It gives value to your audience, making them more likely to react. A tip doesn’t have to be anything major to resonate with your Fans, and should be something they can quickly consume and utilize.

Share Quotes

facebook-blanks-engagementOne of the easiest and most effective ways to get both Likes and Shares on Facebook is through quotes. Motivational quotes can be very personal in nature, inspiring Fans in many different ways.
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